RECIPE Spanish Tomato Rice Bake

RECIPE Spanish Tomato Rice Bake

Ever taken a stab at making tomato rice previously? Well its extremely straightforward yet is flavourful and can truly amp up a plain rice dish. Shockingly enough, my mom never arranged tomato rice at home (the extent that I can review.. mother pardon me in the event that I am being off-base :P), so I never got an opportunity to attempt that blend. On the off chance that u haven't attempted it yourself, trust me.. you are missing something scrumptious !

I as of late got an opportunity to evaluate spanish tomato rice at a Mexican companion's place. It so happened that me and my significant other were welcomed for a potluck at my companion's place and a significant number of dishes individuals got were of Mexican birthplace. I found a workable pace bean stew yet separated from that the main other dish was vegan was "sopa de arroz" or Spanish tomato rice. It is normally filled in as a side dish yet well we ate it like fundamental course It was delightful ! I realized that exact moment that this dish was intended to added to my perfect zest box !

A couple of days prior, a kindred blogger companion Sarika who writes her stunning cooking at The flavor of world , approached me for a visitor post on her space. I said Yes without reconsidering and keeping in mind that I thought of numerous thoughts for a formula, this dish continued reverberating ! Along these lines, I surrendered to my allurements and arranged this dish to impart to her perusers on her blog. View my visitor post here.

Do u at times stall out with what dish to make for those fast weekday suppers? At the point when that occurs, my first reaction is to make pilafs ! Pilafs can be kept genuine straightforward or made it a fabulous extravagant issue however they generally carry out the responsibility of getting nourishment to table under 30 minutes. Today, I am making an extremely straightforward rice dish which needs not many fixings and 30 minutes and the dish despite everything guarantees a punch of intense flavors ! Lets make Spanish Tomato Rice.

8 chicken smaller than expected filets

1 tbsp olive oil

1 onion diced

1 pepper diced

100 g chorizo diced

2 garlic cloves minced

spot of bean stew drops

2 tsps basil

1 tsp  paprika

180 g basmati rice

200 ml chicken stock

400 g cleaved tomatoes

40 g dairy free cheddar ground

salt and pepper for flavoring


Wash the rice completely and channel the water.

Take a thick bottomed skillet and add the spread + oil to it. Include the washed rice and meal on medium fire for two or three minutes or till the rice begins to get somewhat darker.

When the rice is simmered, expel and keep aside.

In a similar skillet, include the cleaved onions and garlic. Saute till the onions are translucent.

Next, include the pureed tomatoes, jalapeno and tomato glue. Blend well and cook till the tomatoes are cooked down and the water vanishes (a couple of moments)

Presently, include the toasted rice, water, salt and pepper.Cook on high till the water bubble. When the water bubbles, decrease the fire and spread the container with a cover. Let it cook till the rice is cooked. Include more water whenever required.

Utilizing a fork, cushion the rice and check whenever done. Include lemon juice and delicately blend. Topping with crisp coriander and serve warm.

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